These national anthem arrangements (mostly available through Sheet Music Plus) will work well with many instrumental combinations, but you can’t beat a custom arrangement for band or orchestra that makes full use of the instrumental colours available and takes into account the playing abilities of the members. For a special occasion or a tour abroad, a custom arrangement is the answer!

I’ve had many years experience of music arranging and composing and also written a good many custom arrangements of national anthems for bands and orchestras in different parts of the world. You can expect a really professional arrangement consisting of a full score in pdf format and a full set of individual instrumental parts in pdf format. You may photocopy as many copies of the score and the parts as you wish. I have done my best to keep the cost as low as possible. My fee is usually based on the minimum rates recommended by the British Musicians' Union. Below are the rates for custom versions of my arrangements already available through Sheet Music Plus. You can get an idea of what the fee will be by (a) counting the number of measures (bars) in the piece to be arranged and then (b) working out the number of separate parts required. Prices are shown in US dollars. In the case of strings of course, each section would normally require one part. You can then use the following list to establish an approximate final fee. So to give an example, an arrangement for string quartet of an them of twenty measures would be $100.

• Up to 5 parts: $5.00 per measure (bar)
• 17-14 parts: $6.00 per measure (bar)
• 15-27 parts: $8.00 per measure (bar)
• 28-60 parts: $10.00 per measure (bar)

The rates can be negotiated - especially when in other currencies are involved. Most national anthems require only basic percussion: timpani, cymbals, bass drum and side drum and sometimes not even that.

For anthems which I have not previously arranged there is clearly additional work. I can sometimes obtain the official sheet music, which usually comes in the form of an arrangement for piano. If there is no government official sheet music (and this is frequently the case) I can transcribe the music from an official audio recording, many of which are available on YouTube. This service is at the rates shown above plus a preparation fee for making the transcription. I will give you the exact figure when I see how much work is required and it will depend largely on the length and complexity of the anthem concerned.

If you are interested in a custom arrangement, please contact me in the first instance, with (a) the title of the anthem you want me to arrange, (b) the exact description of the parts required, (c) any parts for elementary players that must be kept as simple as possible and (d) your deadline for delivery. Don’t forget to decide whether flutes (for example) will use one part or be divided into Flutes 1 and Flutes 2; whether you need a Clarinet 3 part and so on.

Once we have established the basics, I can then work out a fee, a completion date and we can agree a delivery date. It’s then up to you whether you want me to go ahead or not. At this point, there is absolutely no obligation on your part. There will be no “hidden extras” and after the music has been delivered to you it will become your property. In the unlikely event that you find errors in the score or parts these will be corrected free of charge and new parts provided.

National anthems are public domain though copyright exists with the arrangement. Although you will be free to use the arrangement when and where you chose, I will continue to retain the copyright in the arrangement. This must be stated when you register any recordings, broadcasts or other performances with the relevant Performing Rights Society.

Click to see score of the South African National Anthem arranged for symphonic band.

Click to see score of the Thai Royal Anthem arranged for full orchestra.

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