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The River at the End of Day

This is a collection of ten very easy piano pieces, some of them consisting only of whole notes (semibreves) and quarter notes (crotchets). Click the "PREVIEW" link to see a preview of the music, click the "LISTEN TO MP3!" link to hear or download a FREE MP3 audio file of the music and click "Download music" to do just that. By the way, don't try to print out the preview of the music - it is just a small low-quality photo file to give you an idea of the music.

Feel free to download as many pieces as you want, but please read the information in the "About" menu above.

Piano solo

1. Ripples on the water Preview Listen to MP3 Download
2. Drifting Preview Listen to MP3 Download
3. At the Riverbank Preview Listen to MP3 Download
4. Three drops, two drops...... Preview Listen to MP3 Download
5. Song of the Water-gipsy Preview Listen to MP3 Download
6. Shadows on the Water Preview Listen to MP3 Download
7. Song of Sunset Preview Listen to MP3 Download
8. Cool Waters Preview Listen to MP3 Download
9. Children’s River Song Preview Listen to MP3 Download
10. Palm Trees by the River Preview Listen to MP3 Download


All the piano parts have been converted into high quality Adobe Acrobat files that you can print out. This is a free application and you can download your own FREE copy of the software by clicking here.

Now you download a full-colour cover page absolutely FREE, so that you make a professional-looking album.

Just print out all the pieces, with the pages back to back, then print out the cover on A4 photo paper. Click here to download the cover page. It is a high quality pdf file, so it may take a few minutes to download. Take the music pages and the cover to a local printing shop to have a spiral binder fitted (like the one shown above). They are very cheap and help to keep you music flat. If you want, you can get the shop to put a transparent film over the cover to keep it clean. Make sure you have all the pages in the correct order before binding!

Download Cover Here


About This Photo:

The river is the photo is the great Mekong River which runs through much of South East Asia. The photo shows the Thai provincial town of Mukdahan, seen from the other side of the river in the small Laos town of Savannakhet. The small ferry boat is returning home at the end of the day.


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