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Airs from the Island of Light (piano duets)

All musicians recognise the value of playing in an ensemble for it creates additional musical challenges for the players, not least of which is listening to each other. Many young pianists do not get the opportunity to play in an ensemble because they have individial lessons and practise alone. I have always thought that piano teachers should create ensemble opportunies whenever appropriate. This suite is written for beginner pianists to offer the opportunity of playing together. Fingering is provided in nearly all the pieces.

Click the "Preview" link to see a preview of the first page, click the "Listen to MP3" link to download an MP3 audio file of the music and click "Download music" to download the entire piece. By the way, don't try to print out the preview of the music - it is just a small low-quality photo file to give you an idea of the music.

Feel free to download as many pieces as you want, but please read the information in the "About" menu above.

Piano Duets

1. Song of the Sea Breeze Preview Listen to MP3 Download
2. Lullaby from the Far Shores Preview Listen to MP3 Download
3. Slowly Flows the River to the Sea Preview Listen to MP3 Download
4. Working Song from the Sea Beach Preview Listen to MP3 Download
5. Song from the Outer Isles Preview Listen to MP3 Download
6. Song of the Sea Gypsies Preview Listen to MP3 Download
7. Prayer to the Rising Sun Preview Listen to MP3 Download
8. Light out of Darkness Preview Listen to MP3 Download
9. Hymn to the Great Sea Preview Listen to MP3 Download
10. Song to the Dark Waters Preview Listen to MP3 Download


All the piano parts have been converted into high quality Adobe Acrobat files that you can print out. This is a free application and you can download your own FREE copy of the software by clicking here.


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Larn Island (Ko Lahn) is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, located about 7km off the coast of Pattaya Beach, which is about two hours drive south of Bangkok. The island is about 4km long and about 2km wide and has about a thousand residents, most of whom live in the main village of Naban. There are six beaches on this green tropical island which is mostly mountainous with dense jungle.


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