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Easy arrangements of Christmas carols for piano and other instruments or voices. Each arrangement includes lead-sheet with chords, easy piano part and optional easy harmony parts and bass parts - full lyrics and historical notes too

Sixty National Anthems of the world, arranged for band and playable by virtually any combination of instruments. Available now for free download.

NEW! Your favourite hymns online, arraged for any combination of voices and instruments. And they're FREE!


Colin Kirkpatrick Online Music Shop

  • Preview every piece before you download
  • Download a FREE MP3 file of each piece
  • Download professional quality copies to your computer ready for printing
  • Large easy-to-read printed notation
  • Excellent sight-reading material for beginners to intermediate
  • New titles coming online regularly
  • Download full colour covers so you can create your own music albums
  • Latest Song Releases

    The River at the End of Day

    This is the easiest selection of music, written for real beginners. Each piece is just one page long. The first three pieces are limited to only whole notes (semibreves), half notes (minims) and quarter notes (crotchets). The ten pieces explore river-related themes and while the note values are kept pretty simple, there are opportunities to develop playing melodies...

    Songs and Dances from Another Time

    In terms of technical ability, this collection continues from where "River at the End of Day" finishes. Each piece is one page long. Eighth notes (quavers) appear in all of the twelve piano pieces along with dotted quarter notes (crotchets). Note values smaller than eighth notes are not used. Time signatures are standard and only one piece uses a 6/8 time signature...


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