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Before you download any of the music on this website you can listen to an MP3 recording first. You can even download the MP3 free and use it for your own practising. For example, you could play along the right hand part or left hand part with the MP3 playing in the background (assuming your piano is in tune).

You can preview each piece by clicking on the PREVIEW button. Thatíll take you to a low-resolution image of the music. It is not clear enough for printing out, but enough to get a rough idea of what the music notation looks like.

The first few pieces in every selection are absolutely free to download, so that you can get an idea of what the rest of the pieces are like.

Music for Solo Piano

The River at the End of Day

This is the easiest selection of music, written for real beginners. Each piece is just one page long. The first three pieces are limited to only whole notes (semibreves), half notes (minims) and quarter notes (crotchets). The ten pieces explore river-related themes and while the note values are kept pretty simple, there are opportunities to develop playing melodies in the left hand. Only in the last couple of pieces do eighth notes (quavers) appear. So then, this is a collection for real beginners, child or adult. Even my dog can play some of these. Fingerings are provided for all the pieces.

Songs and Dances from Another Time

In terms of technical ability, this collection continues from where "River at the End of Day" finishes. Each piece is one page long. Eighth notes (quavers) appear in all of the twelve piano pieces along with dotted quarter notes (crotchets). Note values smaller than eighth notes are not used. Time signatures are standard and only one piece uses a 6/8 time signature.

The Call of the High Hills

All these pieces are short - none more than one page. The first few pieces in this collection are really quite simple and about the same standard as "Songs and Dances from Another Time". Any student who can manage that suite should have no problems with this one. The last few pieces in the suite are intended as a challenge for the elementary player. These pieces could also be useful as sight-reading material for intermediate players.

Pictures from a Far Country

The pieces in this collection are perhaps the most advanced in this series. Even so, they are all very short - none more than one page. The pieces are more suitable for the intermediate pianist and are about UK Associated Board Grade 3 to 4 standard. The keyboard range is still quite small making the pieces very suitable for the talented younger player.

Music for Piano Duet

Airs from the Island of Light (piano duets)

All musicians recognize the value of playing in an ensemble for it creates additional musical challenges for the players, not least of which is listening to each other. Many young pianists do not get the opportunity to play in an ensemble because they have individual lessons and practice alone. I have always thought that piano teachers should create ensemble opportunities whenever appropriate. This suite is written for beginner pianists to offer the opportunity of playing together. Fingering is provided in nearly all the pieces.

Dances of Atlantis (piano duets)

In terms of technical ability, "Dances of Atlantis" carry on from where "Island of Light" left off. Eighth notes (quavers) appear in all of the twelve piano pieces along with dotted quarter notes (crotchets). Note values smaller than eighth notes are not used.

Music for Cello (or Viola) and Piano

From the Lake of Dreams

This is a collection of ten very easy pieces for cello (or viola) and piano consisting of a limited range of note-values. The first two pieces use only open strings. As the pieces progress additional fingers are added. There is no need to study these pieces in numerical order. The piano parts have also been kept very simple in the hope that they can be played by another student. There are also MP3 files of the piano accompaniments, so that in the absence of a pianist, the soloist could play along with them. These recorded piano parts could be copied to a CD, which could of course be played on a portable CD player.

Songs and Dances from Another Time

These are arrangements for cello and piano of the suite, Songs and Dances from Another Time, originally written for solo piano. Each piece is one page long. Time signatures are standard. In these new arrangements, the piano parts have also been kept fairly simple and are available on MP3 files which can be used as accompaniments if a pianist is not available.


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