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Easy arrangements of Christmas carols for piano and other instruments or voices. Each arrangement includes lead-sheet with chords, easy piano part and optional easy harmony parts and bass parts - full lyrics and historical notes too

Sixty National Anthems of the world, arranged for band and playable by virtually any combination of instruments. Available now for free download.

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Dances of Atlantis (piano duets)

This is a collection of ten very easy piano pieces, some of them consisting only of whole notes (semibreves) and quarter notes (crotchets). Click the "PREVIEW" link to see a preview of the music, click the "LISTEN TO MP3!" link to hear or download a FREE MP3 audio file of the music and click "Download music" to do just that. By the way, don't try to print out the preview of the music - it is just a small low-quality photo file to give you an idea of the music.

Feel free to download as many pieces as you want, but please read the information in the "About" menu above.

Piano Duets

1. Circle Dance Preview Listen to MP3 Download
2. Slow Dance of Dawn Preview Listen to MP3 Download
3. Dance to the New Moon Preview Listen to MP3 Download
4. Dance to the Temple Gods Preview Listen to MP3 Download
5. Children's Dance to the Sun Preview Listen to MP3 Download
6. Procession of the Little White Horses Preview Listen to MP3 Download
7. The Windmills of Ikrania Preview Listen to MP3 Download
8. Dance to the Air Spirits Preview Listen to MP3 Download
9. Song of the Spinning Wheels Preview Listen to MP3 Download


All the piano parts have been converted into high quality Adobe Acrobat files that you can print out. This is a free application and you can download your own FREE copy of the software by clicking here.


About This Photo:

It would be nice to say that this is a photo of Atlantis, but unfortunately, photographs of that legendary island are a bit difficult to find. Instead, we see the bleak-looking hills of Mallorca's rugged Western coast, contrasting with the still waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The west side of the island has some superb scenery: wild and rugged, dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range which runs the length of the coast.


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