For a good many years this website has provided free hymn parts and scores. However,the hymns are no longer available free of charge from this website and we regret any inconvenience caused.

But you can still have access to them - along with several additional ones others - from Sheet Music Plus. All the hymns, together with many additional ones are available from SMP and you can download them instantly. The hymns are presented in a set of three books, one set arranged for brass instruments and the other set arranged for strings. However, please note that because the string editions are written in string-friendly keys the brass and string books are not compatible.

Each of the three books includes an optional but useful simplified keyboard part intended for less experienced keyboard players. The left hand plays only the bass part most of the time, with the right hand part kept as simple as possible. It could be used as the basis of an accompaniment and means that you can use the arrangements as solos, duets or trios. The piano part also means that you can use the arrangements as solos, duets or trios.

These arrangements are intended either as stand-alone pieces that could be used as interludes in a service, or they could be used to accompany solo, choral or congregational singing. This is essential music for schools and many churches and contains probably all the hymns youíll ever need. The score and all the parts are contained in a single multi-page PDF file. Full details - including the list of contents - are available when you click on the links below.

The Best Hymns of All Time (for Brass) Book 1

The Best Hymns of All Time (for Brass) Book 2

The Best Hymns of All Time (for Brass) Book 3

The Best Hymns of All Time (for Strings) Book 1

The Best Hymns of All Time (for Strings) Book 2

The Best Hymns of All Time (for Strings) Book 3


Welcome to the NEW "And Me" series! Each book consists of pieces suitable for students through beginner level to those at an elementary stage. Itís intended as supplementary material to your usual tutor book. Most of the pieces use the lower register and they can be used with any number of players. Although they are arranged in approximate order of difficulty you can play them in any order you want, depending on the musical needs of the student. Some of the pieces could be strung together in any order to create a suite. Every piece has a short keyboard introduction so that the student can sense the tempo and musical style before playing. The accompaniments have been kept as simple as possible with the minimum number of notes. Dynamic markings are used from the start, but phrasing has been omitted from the solo part. This is because the teacher is usually in the best position to suggest phrasing, bearing in mind the physical capability of the student. In the easier pieces, slurs have been kept to a minimum.

Each title consists of the Teacher's Book, containing the piano accompaniments and the Student's Book which contains the solo parts. Each "And Me" title is contained in a single PDF file. MP3 files of the accompaniments are also available from Sheet Music Plus.

My Flute and Me

My Recorder and Me

My Clarinet and Me

My Saxophone and Me (E flat version)

My Saxophone and Me (B flat version)

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